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Dispelling the Frozen Food Myth

Fresh food isn’t always the most convenient. But people turn their noses up at frozen meal options. The myth is that all frozen food is highly processed, filled with ingredients most people can't even pronounce. According to Healthline, food additives are used to enhance the flavor, appearance or texture of a product, or to extend its shelf life.

32 Degrees has no additives or preservatives. Our goal is to shatter the stigma associated with frozen meals. We use a process designed to protect and preserve the flavor, nutrients, and presentation of our chef-prepared meals.

  1. They are prepared and cooked with the freshest ingredients

  2. They are frozen at the optimal state

  3. They are sealed using our state-of-the-art technology.

Let 32 Degrees by MG show you that frozen meals can be delicious and nutritious.

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